Welcome To The AdBoost Program

Thanks for stopping by. We're issuing AdBoost Codes that will increase the performance of the submitters. For example, if you have the right AdBoost Code or several AdBoost Codes you could easily double or even triple your submission output which would increase your sending capability massively.

We're offering several basic ways to earn AdBoost Codes, like reading some material or answering a questionaire or educating yourself on a few of our less followed rules. Some people are too busy and they asked us to sell them AdBoost Codes so we set up a few packages but we try to encourage people to earn AdBoost Codes in the ways we intended originally. We're constantly looking for new ways to give you more AdBoost Codes, help us help you, give us some ideas. You can submit your ideas at Support Solutions.

AdBoost Codes are simple to use. There's a "bar" at the top of your submitter and it has a box in it, technically refered to as a form field, you put your AdBoost Code(s) in there and if you have more than one then you seperate them with commas, no spaces please. The new form field is integrated into the submitter form that sends your ad. The system reads your AdBoost Code(s) when you submit your ad and it uses the information to apply the proper boost.

Here are some offers, You'll be shown the name, the description, and the value of the AdBoost Code. Prepare yourself now. Open a file, on your desktop or wherever, so you can keep track of all your AdBoost Codes, including the day you got each one, and how long it's good for. Some AdBoost Codes are good for a short time and some are good for a long time and we even have a few that are good forever.


The Terms Of Service Agreement: When you joined you told us that you read it, understood it, and agreed to comply with it. Now we're going to pay you to do it again, if you read it, understand it, and agree to comply with it, then you will be rewarded with an AdBoost Code that will give you a 50% submission boost for 45 days, then you can do it again. We're limiting it to 45 days because we want you to come back and read it again and stay up to date on any changes.


The Forbiden Ad Tracker: We've found that several of the free email providers are filtering or sometimes deleting ads that use ad trackers. If GMail for example is blocking all your emails that have trackers then how effective will your advertising be? Zero. We have a solution and you will be rewarded with an AdBoost Code that will give you a 15% submission bonus.


The Evil Little Pop-Up: We have several revenue streams that we use to buy leads, one of which is our pop-up traffic. If you are blocking the pop-ups then you are blocking us from buying quality leads for all of the clients. We use a javascript to detect pop-up blockers and ad blockers. This task is simple. Read the text. Do as it says and get an AdBoost Code that's worth a 15% submission bonus and on top of that it's good for a whopping 90 days.


What Do You Think: What do you want? Where are we lacking or where can we improve? We'll never know if you don't tell us. We want to know what you think about our process from start to finish, from the time you get the ad till the time you exit the submitter, what's good and what needs improvement or what needs trashed and rebuilt completely? If you'll give us your opinion, we'll give you a 25% submission bonus AdBoost Code.


Our Private Mailing List: When you purchase products from us you'll add yourself to our mailing list. We do that so we can stay in touch with you in the event of a service interuption or if we'd like to introduce you to some new software we developed. You will enjoy being on our private mailing list, there are many benefits to receiving and reading our mail. The people that are on our private mailing list take polls, answer questions and when people partake they are rewarded with marketing programs, cash, and prizes.


Over Submitting Is Killing All Your Leads: You can't just go blast your ad over and over. Nothing will cost us leads faster then an over submitter. Send an ad and follow the process all the way through and exit the system, do not hit the back button and run another ad. If you have multiple submitters then log-in to one of your other submitters and submit from there. Please follow the rules, it's easy.


Too Busy? We Sell AdBoost Codes Too: If you're like many of us today, me included, you're too busy for anything except for promoting your products and making money. It wasn't originally our intention to sell our codes but busy people have been asking for an option to purchase our AdBoost Codes and skip all the time consuming stuff. We've put together a few packages but if you want something custom then let us know here. When you purchase AdBoost Codes they never expire.

We'll be adding more ways to earn AdBoost Codes and we're taking suggestions at Support Solutions.

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