The Forbidden Ad Tracker

The items on this page are requirements of the Terms of Service that you agreed to comply with, they are not optional. Basically, we're going to reward you for doing what you agreed to do, if you decide to not do what you agreed to do, then your results will suffer.

We've found that several of the free email providers are filtering or sometimes deleting ads that use ad trackers and since 99% of the people we send to are using a free email provider then that's why we're asking that ad trackers not be used. If GMail for example is blocking all your emails that have trackers then how effective will your advertising be? Zero.

What we're trying to avoid is for someone to send an ad with a tracker and we use our resources to send it all over the world and then it's deleted. So we're asking that people stop using ad trackers and instead use a counter on their website. If you have other ideas then please go to Support Solutions and let us know so we can share the ideas with other members. If you were using an ad tracker to test subject lines, you can experiment with different ones, you can Google it and see what you can find, or try something like this.

Ok, so here's the deal. Below is a button that will take you to a page with a form, follow the instructions so it gets filled out right. When it's filled out you'll be sent to a page where you'll be issued an AdBoost Code. That AdBoost Code will give you a 15% submission bonus when you enter the number into your submitter.