Our AdBoost Codes Are Doing A Great Job

As we said before, our performance enhancing, submission boosting AdBoost Codes are catching on quick and not everyone has the time to perform the tasks to get their AdBoost Codes the way that we had intended, so people started asking us to sell them the AdBoost Codes and so we've given you a few options below and if you want something custom then let us know, we appreciate our customers and we will entertain any proposal. Just fill out a ticket at Support Solutions.

Here's More Information On AdBoost Codes

AdBoost Codes are simple to use. There's a "bar" at the top of your submitter and it has box in it, technically refered to as a form field, you put your AdBoost Code in there and if you have more than one then you seperate them with commas, no spaces please. The new form field is integrated into the submitter form that sends your ad. The system reads your AdBoost Codes when you submit your ad and it uses the information to apply the proper boost.