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Below is our Terms of Service policy. When you joined you told us that you read it, understood it, and you agreed to comply with it. Now we're going to pay you to do it again, if you read it, understand it, and agree to comply with it, you will be issued a username and password that can be entered into a form at the bottom of this page and when the correct username and password are submitted you will be given you an AdBoost Code worth a 50% submission boost. Let's begin.

Read These Terms, Understand These Terms, Agree To Comply With These Terms
No Refund Requests - No Chargebacks - All Sales Are Final - No Exceptions

We wrote this here to educate and inform you. We've found that if you don't read the entire Terms of Service Policy below, you'll be more likely to fail, too direct for you? Read it then, take 10-15 minutes and slowly read and understand the material, then you'll have a hand up, if you need any help then write to Support Solutions. Otherwise if you don't read it you'll be crying to our Help Desk about how you don't get any traffic and nobody is joining your affiliate program.

2. You can't just go blast your ad over and over, the rule about that is below. Nothing will cost us leads faster then an over submitter. Send an ad and follow the process all the way through and exit the system, do not hit the back button and run another ad. If you have multiple submitters then you can leave the one you're at and log into a different one and submit again. Please follow the rules, it's easy.

3. When you purchase products from us you'll need to add yourself to our mailing list, if you don't want to, then don't buy anything. Being on the mailing list is a Terms of Service requirement. We do that so we can stay in touch with you in the event of a service interuption or if we'd like to introduce you to some new software we developed. You will enjoy being on our private mailing list, there are many benefits to receiving and reading our mail. The people that are on our private mailing list take polls and answer questions and when people partake they are rewarded with marketing programs, cash, and prizes.

4. We build mailers in three price ranges, not everyone can afford a $50 submitter. Buy in your price range. Don't buy a Level 3 and expect Level 1 results. Go to the Help Desk at Support Solutions and write to us and ask for a deal if you're short on cash, we are more then happy to help our members.

The first level is refered to as Level 3, those submitters are $9.99 and under. The few leads they have are old and worn out and will still work for a user but they will require extra effort and multiple submissions when other levels won't require that.

The second level is refered to as Level 2, those submitters are from $10 to $29.99 a Level 2 submitter is a good submitter, the leads are good and the technology is good too. We like to think of Level 2 submitters as our "Blue Collar" submitteers. These submitters are the most popular because of cost and because of that we sell quite a few and can buy new leads frequently with the money generated.

The third and final level is Level 1 and is identified by it's price tag of at least $30. The Level 1 is a supreme submission system, top quality fresh leads that are constantly reloaded, weekly database rebuilds and software updates. Level 1 is for the clients that demand the best.

5. We tell you to save your welcome letters and bookmark your login pages. On our good quality submitters and above you're going to get an email that gives you your username, password, and log-in URL. You need to save it. It tells you to save it. I hope you saved it. Even if your computer crashes, no big deal, it's saved in your email provider account, it's not on your machine. If you purchase lower quality submitters that don't send out welcome letters then just save the link in your favorites.

6. If you're using a pop-up blocker please disable it now. We have several revenue streams that we use to buy leads, one of which is our pop-up traffic. If you are blocking the pop-ups then you are blocking us from buying quality leads for all of the clients. We use a javascript to detect pop-up blockers and ad blockers. If our system detects a pop-up blocker or ad blocker, we'll be notified and your submission results will suffer.

Many of the services we offer are on subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription at anytime by submitting a support ticket with Support Solutions. Be very descriptive, tell us the email address you used, the name used and the name of the program you're cancelling. The membership will be terminated the day we process the request, if you don't want the membership to be terminated immediately then post it in Support Solutions the day before you want it cancelled so we get to it in time to do that. It's important that you understand that the day you cancel is the same day that your membership will be terminated so do not cancel the subscription until you are ready for the membership to end.

Many of the programs produced by us allow individuals to submit "unlimited" ads. We create "unlimited" programs for individuals who have more than one program they wish to promote. People who purchase and use "unlimited" advertising programs from us are expected to use discretion when advertising. An example of discretionary advertising would be:

-1 If you have only 1 opportunity to promote, then you can promote it every 3 hours. You must change the subject each time and not use the same subject more than once every 24 hours.
-2 If you have 2 opportunity to promote, then you can promote 2 items once every 3 hours. You must change the subject each time and not use the same subject more than once every 24 hours.
-3 If you have 10 opportunities to promote, then you can promote 10 items once every 3 hours. You must change the subject each time and not use the same subject more than once every 24 hours.
So on and so on.

If you have multiple paid submitters then you can do the same on each of them. This doesn't apply to users of our free tools. They can submit 1 ad every 3 hours.

Our whole point is to stop the people that abuse it. An example of abuse would be submitting the same ad over and over and over again until you make the leads mad and they all unsubscribe, then who will you be sending to?

We reserve the right to select the most cost effective means of advertising for our customers. We use a variety of advertising methods such as, but not limited to, double-opt-in email submission, pop-under ads, surf programs, FFA programs, The GAS Booster, safelists and paid to read emails. The method we choose to advertise the username is submission for our customers on any given day is based on the revenue available to us at that time. Based on that available revenue we may choose to use any of the afore mentioned means of advertising for our customers but do not limit ourselves to only those means.

It all basically boils down to money, if a little money is generated, we'll get a little bit of advertising for you and if a lot of money is generated, we'll get a lot of advertising for you. We can't spend money that we don't have. So if you're not spending then chances are that we're not either.

If you're using a pop-up blocker, I'd like you to disable it. We have several revenue streams that we use to pay the bills and buy leads, one of which is our pop-ups. If you are blocking the pop-ups then you are blocking us from buying quality leads, we will always buy leads but the quality and quantity are based on the amount we have to spend. The pop-ups show you offers from our clients and from us.

We have been asked on several occassions to clarify the number of leads that a member is sending to at any given time. For example, if a submission program sends to thirty million leads daily then:

-1 user is sending to all 30,000,000 leads.
-2 users are sending to 15,000,000 leads each.
-3 users are sending to 10,000,000 leads each.
-4 users are sending to 7,500,00 leads each.
-5 users are sending to 6,000,000 leads each.
-10 users are sending to 3,000,000 leads each.
-25 users are sending to 1,200,000 leads each.
-50 users are sending to 600,000 leads each.
-100 users are sending to 300,000 leads each.

Then there is the variable for how long ago was it loaded, and a lot more. Put in a ticket asking for the number of people using it. You can use the support link above.

The leads that a member sends to are selected randomly each time a submission is made to avoid a member sending ads to the same leads over and over. We limit the sale of each of our submission programs using a proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration several factors, such as but not limited to:

-1 The age and quality of the leads.
-2 The age and price of the program.
-3 The revenue generated by the program.
-4 The number of members using the program.

Each of our programs are rated on a scale of 1-3. The rating is based not only on price, but also how many leads are in thier database, how many users there are, and the programs popularity. The old saying "You get what you pay for" is true, you can't expect to spend very little and get a super submitter. If you spend very little then you can expext very little.

-1 Free programs are a level 3 membership and use databases of old leads.
-2 If a programs costs at or under $9.99 they're rated a level 3 membership.
-3 If a programs costs between $10-$29.99 it is a level 2 membership.
-4 If a program costs $30 or more it is rated a level 1 membership.

February 7th, 2020   We've found that several of the free email providers are filtering or sometimes deleting ads that use ad trackers and since 99% of the people we send to are using a free email provider then that's why we're asking that ad trackers not be used, if you choose to use them then your results will suffer. If GMail for example is blocking all your emails then how effective will your advertising be? So we're asking that people stop using ad trackers and instead use a counter on thier website. If you have other ideas then please go to Support Solutions and let us know so we can share the ideas with other members. As for messed up subject lines you can experiment with different ones, you can google it and see what you can find, or try something like this.

March 19th, 2020 We have initiated a submission restriction of 10 minutes between each submission made by a user. This new security protocol was started because of unscrupulous members who submitted ads over and over and that caused leads to quickly unsubscribe and without quality leads nobody can succeed. By submitting responsibly this will ensure a better quality submission for everyone. Before you write to us to complain about the submission restrictions keep two things in mind, 1. we're doing this to help you - we gain nothing from this, and 2. the only people that will complain about these submission restrictions will be the people that want to oversubmit.

March 26th, 2020 We've started installing the AdBoost Code bars and issuing our AdBoost Codes that will increase the performance of the submitters. For example, if you have the right AdBoost Code or several AdBoost Codes you could easily double or even triple your submission output which would increase your sending capability massively. Visit the AdBoost page here.

We strive to do everything we can to respect the trust our customers have in our brand and our commitment to your privacy is no exception. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding consumer privacy on the Internet, especially for children.

We reserve the right to alter, modify or terminate any of our services at anytime for any reason and may change any part of this policy without written notice to our clients, it is the sole responsibility of our clients to stay up to date on our policies. If a client ever feels that our policies are too restricting to them then the client's only recourse is to stop using our products and services.

This policy is effective as of February 7th, 2020. If we change our policies, we will post the revised version here, so we suggest that you check periodically for the newest version of our policies password is crest. This is also why we require our members to maintain their subscription to our mailing list. People who unsubscribe from the mailing list or otherwise filter, or disregard our mailings are not notified of money saving promotions or notices related to server issues.

General Information
Simple Tips and Tricks

This is what's called dynamic tagging, you can use these tags to personalize your ads and improve your response rate.

-1 <%firstname%> Inserts the recipient's first name.
-2 <%lastname%> Inserts the recipient's last name.
-3 <%geolocation%> Inserts the recipient's city name.
-4 <%dayofweek%> Inserts the day of the week.
-5 <%age%> Inserts the recipient's age.

People ask me all the time which programs I use, personally I prefer ePirate Gold, Smart Phone Submitter, Blaster Blaster, and the Pop-Up Rotator. Those are all level 1 programs and they produce excellent results. Think before you buy, if you save up for a good program then you'll do alot better than several cheap programs. There was a section above about the different levels.

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