This Is A Non-Functional Demonstration Submitter - Only For The Subscription Upgrades

Please Read Everything - If We Take The Time To Put Words Down, They're There To Help You.


A Subscription Membership now allows you to use a more productive work area. As you will see there are no ads there, rather then needing the extra revenue from the ads we'll now get what we need from the monthly subscriptions.

You'll find features in there that weren't part of your original package, we're able to give them to you because of our involvement with a company called Five Star Services. Five companies, that included ours, that have created something great for marketers like you. Click here for more details.


You'll always have a full database, the one time payment people never did, they just refused to disable their pop-up blockers. With the monthly revenue it will allow us to distribute more capture forms and we'll be able to acquire quality leads.

So that's why the subscription membership is 100% better. Here is a full description of the two types of memberships we offer. This demonstration will show you all the great features our submitters are loaded with. Some of our Specialty Submitters have additional features to match their specs.


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