Web-To-Phone is quite simple to use. We ask that you enter a text message in this area but your message must be 120 characters or less (approx. 20 words) in order to fit in one SMS packet.

Here you should enter the website address (URL) of the program or service you're offering in your message. This step is critical as recipients need to have someplace to go when they want to purchase goods or services from you. If you fail to enter a website address in this field then your ad will be deleted.

There are a number of options for targeting your audience. By being selective you help us to reduce the number of unsubscribes from our database of phone numbers. For example, if we have an individual who primarily requested to receive text ad messages about "Kids & Family" and they receive numerous "Business Opportunity" texts, they may opt out sooner.

We compile your information based on the variables selected in step 3 and use that information to drive traffic for your opportunity from step 2. Clicking here begins the process of sending your message.



Business Opps

Working At Home

Kids & Family

Online Shopping

Health & Fitness

Credit And Debt

Fuel Alternatives

All Of The Above

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